There Are 42000 Licensed Realtors ® Pick Your Favorite

Dated: 06/05/2017

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I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

There are 42,000+ active REALTORS in AZ. Any one of them can run a search, set up portals, open doors, write contracts, put a sign in a yard, fill out a listing description... ANY one of them can do that. And most of them will fight tooth and nail to be able too. Every single one of them have gone through the classes, passed the test and have a license to guide you through the purchase or sale of the biggest investment of your life. BUT not all of them SHOULD help YOU.

I am not the agent for every person... and not every person is the right client for me. I don't need to close 100 deals a year. But I do need to be able to sleep at night knowing that everyone I did help, feels good about their home or sale of. I even enjoy when someone I didn't help loves their surroundings.

I need to know that my buyers look forward to coming home every night. Know that birthday parties, Christmas's, graduations, even weddings are held in a home that their heart truly resides in. 
I need to know that my sellers got every dime they could from a sale of a home. That their investment yielded them every dollar and that the neighborhood values improved because of our efforts. 
I need to know that your life, home and heart are happy and better off because of what I did.

I've guided many people through a transaction. I've also guided people to a situation that didn't involve me, because it was the best thing for them.

Just remember this one thing... I'm ok not selling every home in the valley... so if you choose me or you choose another agent... or even refer me or another agent. Just be sure that the person you or your loved ones work with 1. KNOWS their job and 2. Has yours (or your loved ones) best interest at heart.

They can be super door openers. They can have 10 years experience under their belts. They can have a really professional head shot. But are they a person that you trust to actually guide you into your biggest deal, with your best intentions at heart? Not every personality is going to be a good working fit, it doesn't make anyone a bad guy or a bad agent. A Home is where the heart is, and your heart has to feel good about who you work with. That's what matters.

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